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Important Information Regarding the Coronavirus Outbreak

We’re all in this together — making sacrifices and taking steps to protect the health and safety of not only ourselves, but those around us.  With that in mind, we have significantly reduced the cemetery’s on-site staffing to ensure compliance with NYS social distancing mandates.  Given staff reductions and the need to focus on our most essential functions of burials and cremations, the following changes are in place until further notice:

  • As directed by government, the cemetery office is open to the public for essential services only, including at-need and pre-need burial and cremation arrangements.  Please call (716) 822-1960 to schedule an appointment.  You can find the burial location of a loved one on our website using the “Locate a Loved One” tool.   
  • Due to limited staff being fully deployed to maintain essential services of burials and cremations, we may be unable to cut and maintain the grass to the same standards you’ve come to expect from us. 
  • As monument dealers are closed by government order, markers, monuments and mausoleum inscriptions are delayed.
  • To protect the health & safety of all visitors sure to abide by government mandated social distancing protocols of a minimum of 6 ft of space between individuals. 
  • Please note that the following activities are prohibited on our grounds NO PETS, NO BICYCLES, NO SKATEBOARDS, NO CLIMBING, NO SCOOTERS, NO IN-LINE SKATES. 

We will get through this...together!  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.


Attention: Garden of Good Shepherd Families

If you have a loved one who was buried in the Garden of Good Shepherd here in St. Matthew's Cemetery, as you likely now know, due to the  collapse of the land in this section in 2019, and its continued instability, all burials in the Garden of Good Shepherd have been moved out of harm's way to a safe, stable section of the cemetery in St. James East.   If you need assistance in locating the grave of your loved one in St. James East, click on the link below for a list of the specific burial locations (in alphabetical order) for all those moved from the Garden of Good Shepherd to St. James East:     


Garden of Good Shepherd Burials

Locate a Loved One

Did you know that on this website you can access the burial records of a loved one who is interred at St. Matthew's Cemetery (or any of the cemeteries in the Forest Lawn Group)?

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Important News: 

At St. Matthew's and our sister cemeteries we recently changed our rules and regulations, and these changes may enable you to:

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A historic garden cemetery with religious traditions

Located in a peaceful suburban setting, St. Matthew’s is a non-denominational cemetery known for its beautifully maintained landscaped gardens. The cemetery’s park-like setting – nestled alongside the flowing waters of Cayuga Creek – has provided a unique sense of quiet and tranquility for more than six generations. While we have our roots as a church cemetery (and still offer sections named for popular saints and apostles), we are a non-denominational cemetery that welcomes people of all faiths. Today, you will find many traditional and cremation in-ground and above-ground burial options to suit your needs available throughout St. Matthew’s, including our garden sections, our Field of Valor® for veterans, our Chapel Walk Columbarium and our newly opened Faith Mausoleum and Resurrection Chapel.


Attention U.S. Military Veterans...

The Field of Valor® is an area that allows for distinguished burial for veterans and spouses. 


St. Matthew’s is one of just three local cemeteries where veterans’ graves are marked with distinctive white marble memorials, which are provided by the Government at no charge. These white marble monuments, featured in row after row across St. Matthew’s grassy meadows, create our Field of Valor®, similar to the veterans’ memorials of Arlington National Cemetery near our nation’s capital. 


Each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, the graves in the Field of Valor are decorated with U.S. Flags - a fitting tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  


The Field of Valor® features a flagpole, as well as monuments paying tribute to the service and sacrifice of West Seneca residents in World War I and World War II. A World War I cannon is proudly displayed as the cornerstone of this illustrious section. The Field of Valor® accommodates both casketed and cremated burials.




Now available for above-ground burial:
Faith Mausoleum and Resurrection Chapel

Private entry mausoleum keys provided with purchase.